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Another Year Passed

Each year on my childs  birthday I stop and reflect on how quickly another year passed.  I think about not only the physical changes that have happened but voice, attitude, and personality.  Elijah is our only boy squished between 3 big sisters and 1 little sister.  He is proof that being surrounded by girls will in no way diminish his rough and tumble “All Boy” mannerisms.  Every new day with Elijah is truly a new adventure.  I love my sweet little man.

As I reflected on Another Year Passed, his 4th, I began to think about what or where we would take his birthday portraits.  I decided to take a risk and ask my 4 year old his idea and he said he wanted to take pictures with his skate board.  Immediately I knew where I wanted to go.  I think we captured some great lasting moments together that will be a great memory to look back on that marked another great year passed.