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Bluebonnet Portraits with Mae

What beautiful spring weather we have been having here in Texas.  That means time for Bluebonnet portraits and today it was with Ella’s sweet friend Mae.  Ella and Mae snuck in a few photos together but I think Mae stole the show for sure.  What an adorable, precious, little sweetheart!

I love these portraits so much that Mae is featured on my website.  Just click on any of the photos below and it will take you to see her big debut.


Piano Recital

My oldest daughter Breaunna Faith played in her very first Piano recital this evening.  Hats off to her fantastic teacher Karen Murrah and all the students who played piano or sang a beautiful song.  What an awesome night.  Breaunna we are so proud of you and all your hard work as you practice every day and stay dedicated.

More about Three little Cuties

I wrote a few days ago about Three little Cuties named Clayton, Rylee & Logan.  Finally thier Full Session is ready for viewing and I am so excited to share it with you all.   Click on the Picture below to view slideshow.

Three little Cuties

I had the privilege of photographing Three little Cuties last week.  These three precious kids belong to a life long friend who I adore.  I was looking for inspiration and they gave me exactly what I needed.  I am so excited to post a few of my favorites.

Another Year Passed

Each year on my childs  birthday I stop and reflect on how quickly another year passed.  I think about not only the physical changes that have happened but voice, attitude, and personality.  Elijah is our only boy squished between 3 big sisters and 1 little sister.  He is proof that being surrounded by girls will in no way diminish his rough and tumble “All Boy” mannerisms.  Every new day with Elijah is truly a new adventure.  I love my sweet little man.

As I reflected on Another Year Passed, his 4th, I began to think about what or where we would take his birthday portraits.  I decided to take a risk and ask my 4 year old his idea and he said he wanted to take pictures with his skate board.  Immediately I knew where I wanted to go.  I think we captured some great lasting moments together that will be a great memory to look back on that marked another great year passed.

Newborn Photography of Baby Hazel

I enjoyed every second with Baby Hazel.  She is almost not a newborn anymore but I’ll still call it Newborn Photography of baby Hazel since it’s her first professional pictures.  I look forward to watching this little one grow.  What a precious bundle of sweetness.

View her whole session on Slideshow Here

Winner of the Valentine Mini Session

Carolina was the winner of the Valentine Mini Session.  Little Emma was just as active as I expected but I was able to capture some sweet personality and several smiles.  I think she is taking advantage of being in the spotlight before her new baby sister arrives very soon.

    At first this was the only way to get Miss Emma to sit still long enough to snap a lasting moment

    Then I sang Twinkle Twinkle and she smiled so big

    More singing and more sweet smiles

    I love this one so much.  I knew I would as soon as the camera snapped

    I just love these with pearls