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Community Awareness Project

Senior 2012 Portraits ~ Amanda

I probably say this about most of my sessions but I am going to say it again.  I had so much fun doing the Senior 2012 Portrais of Amanda.  Not only did I have a blast, I came out feeling like these were some of my most favorite portraits to date.  Amanda and her mom allowed me a creative mile and let me run with my ideas that I gathered from Amandas personality.  I am proud of the finished product and thrilled at the families reaction.  Thankyou to the wonderful family who allowed me to do what I do.

Full Senior Session Slideshow

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Let There Be Light 2011

Duncanville First Baptist Church performed their annual “Let There Be Light” Christmas Pageant last week for four nights December 9-12.  It was my first time to see or participate in this event.  My family started attending services at DFBC back in June and we also started hearing about pageant way back in June.  I had no idea what to expect.  For months we prayed for God’s will to be done in the pageant.  Despite the normal hiccups that come with such a large production, The play was magnificent.  While I am sure the hundreds, possibly thousand that viewed the play over the 4 night span where impressed and entertained, I am quite sure that the Lord was pleased as well.  The cast, crew, choir, orchestra, stage crew and even nursury workers that watched our children so we could take part, all had ONE goal. That was to bring glory and honor to our Lord.  I took the first night to snap some moments throughout the pageant.  Here is the final Cut.

You can view the individual photos Here.



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Tara & Jason ~ Couples Photography

Who wouldn’t love photographing a couple that’s in Love?  We talked and laughed more than we took pictures but that’s just because I’ve known Tara since she was a bitty baby.  Tara & Jason are so perfect for each other.

Take a look at our fun Lasting Moments Session Together.      View Whole Session Here

Cutiepie Cuts

I am so excited to announce that Laurie Melissa Photography will be doing some boutique photography.  Cutiepie Cuts is a super cute and creative boutique for young and old.  They are having a casting call for 5 little models for their upcoming boutique shoot to showcase their new line.  Please visit Cutiepie cuts on facebook, like their page and let them know you would like a chance to have your little one photographed in their new line.

What does a day at the park mean?

Up down, up down go’s the texas temperature.  Could we finally be seeing a permeneant brake in those hot summer temps?  Maybe!!!  So what would a day at the park mean?

Maybe a time for swinging , climbing the slide, conquering the monkey bars or the twisty pole, playing with a cousin or even an opportunity for a big brother to show good character or maybe this momma’s way of getting the baby tired and ready for a nap.

To me it’s all this and more! But a day at the park (at least in this case) also means that the weather is nice and my favorite season for Photographs has once again arrived, FALL!  So lets get together and captures some sweet lasting moments together.  You can’t beat the weather this time of year and I can’t wait to see all my wonderful families again.